Thursday, 28 July 2016

Chicken Olympics (JJ 36, 2007).

WALT: describe characters in the text.

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Answer in full sentences

1. Describe what Speckle looked like.
Speckle was a speckled brown colour.

2.  Describe what Dora looked like.
Dora was black.

3.  Describe what Fluff looked like.
Aunty Fluff was brown with a froth of fluffy.

4.  What are 3 olympic events the hens took part in?
Speed pecking,head perching,pumpkin pecking.
5. How many hens did Ruby and Ella have?
They had 3 hens.
6. Who was the best at speed feeding?
Speckle was the best hen.

7. What were the medals made of?
The medal were made out of bread.

8. How do you know the hens liked their medals?
Because it was made out of bread.
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9. Choose 1 of the hens to draw in Sumo Paint.
Publish your picture with the sentence you wrote about that hen.
Add the title of the book.

10. Upload it to your blog.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 at 11.56.46.pngThis is Dora


  1. Keep you good work going it is good

  2. I liked the sumo paint thing that you made that really blow my brain away at the end the Dora that you made it was really funny keep the awesome work