Friday, 22 August 2014

Why I like ...

I am going to tell you (why I like my Chromebook!

  • I like my Chromebook because I can play cool math games and typing club and when I go on I type faster.

  • This Chromebook helps me with researching


  1. Hi Antony, I like the chromebooks as well. The reason why I love the chromebooks is it helps room 5 learn in a different way. We have found some really cool apps and websites to help with our learning such as Story Starters and Number 1 Spelling.

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  3. Hi Antony, I love my Chromebook as much as you do. The reason why is because it helps me learn and it makes everyone in the world see my work. I think next time you could write a refection, like what you did, why you did it, what do you think you did good and what you could do better next time. Maybe you could give us more reasons why you like your Chromebook. I wonder if you liked writing why you like your Chromebook? Great job Antony

  4. Hi Antony, I think chromebooks are the best to. You should put more examples in your peace of writing. Awesome job Antony. By Hare

  5. Hi Antony! I love the way that you have a big huge title that is sparkly and green,( GO WETA!) The only improvement that I would consider is that you can make more sense in you writing. Overall GREAT WORK!:)